Office Scheduling
Add, change or cancel appointments
Set one or multiple appointments per time slot
Schedule appointments for multiple offices.
View and update past appointments
Customize appointment durations as needed (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, etc)

Customer Self-Scheduling
New potential customers can request online scheduling privileges.
Permitted customers can schedule and/or cancel their own appointments as needed.
Businesses can revoke scheduling privileges if a customer abuses self scheduling privileges.
Customer Functionality

a. Secure login
b. Clients cannot view other scheduled appointment information.
c. Edit client contact information and change and/or create client passwords.  
d. Allows customer to select a specific service or provider.

Automatic E-mails
Confirmation e-mails sent to customers/patient/clients a day in advance of the scheduled appointment.
Provider receives e-mails when a client self schedules.

Customer Management
Add, update or delete customers
Enter notes while managing appointments



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